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The Story....

The mastermind behind VOLT espresso is of course the talented Peter Grant - an afficiado, professional and coffee fiend of all things espresso for the last twenty years across Australia and New Zealand.

Peter had a vision. His vision was of a boutique roaster supplying fresh local coffee to cafes and restaurants with a difference. The difference is that the coffee would actually be very good and the service exceptional. In 1999 Peter developed his vision into practice and after initially trading under his own name, Grant's Espresso, Peter expanded and re branded his secret recipes to create a coffee that was pure, delectable, and positively addictive. He wanted to take away the common criminal behavior of coffee and of badly trained baristas. Thus in 2007 VOLT espresso was born.

VOLT espresso offers professional café baristas and home espresso fans five funky flavours including a decaf blend and organic fair-trade option too so no matter what the coffee emergency, there is something for everyone.

You can however, buy VOLT either in a single experience at leading cafes, at our espresso bar at 5 Hardinge St, Auckland CBD or by visiting VOLT HQ in St Johns, Auckland.

We roast our beans using Sivetz fluidised hot air system producing a brighter and cleaner coffee, creating vibrant and lively espresso in the cup.