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Volt Organic Earth
Volt Organic Earth
Volt Organic Earth


Volt Organic Earth

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God's gift... super anti-guilt… in a cup.
Made anyone cry today? Left the photocopier with a jam in it? Not to worry… gain some brownie points back with VOLT EARTH blend coffee. Completely fair-trade and 100% certified organic, you can easily shrug off those insignificant happenings by giving back to the coffee community. A winner for everyone, you can continue your addiction guilt-free with the knowledge of a well paid and happy coffee farmer and you can tick off the "ORGANIC" box too. Makes for easy discussions with the boss's wife on your organic dietary intake. Guilt-Free and clever coffee… imagine that!

New Zealand Coffee Awards:
  • Gold 2014/15
  • Silver 2014/15
  • Bronze 2014/15
  • Bronze 2012/13
  • Bronze 2011/12
  • Silver 2009/10
  • Bronze 2009/10
  • Silver 2008/09
  • Gold 2006/07