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Volt Pulse (Decaf)
Volt Pulse (Decaf)
Volt Pulse (Decaf)


Volt Pulse (Decaf)

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Au Natural!
So the doctor has ordered you to quit caffeine for whatever reason. Like being asked to donate a kidney to a wealthy uncle you've never met, the decision to switch to decaf can be a hard one. Never fear. The good people at VOLT espresso built you a decaf blend so you can still get the flavour without the caffeine thus keeping the doctor happy as well as keeping your street cred in tact at morning tea time. VOLT PULSE decaf blend distilled with Swiss water is 99.9% caffeine free and unlike other decaf blends hasn't been swept up off the floor.

New Zealand Coffee Awards:
  • Bronze 2010/11
  • Gold 2009/10
  • Silver 2006/07